USA Yoga National Competition 2023

USA Yoga National Competition 2023


We are delighted to share the wonderful news that our UPFNA Kids Yoga students participated in the National Yoga competition organized by USA Yoga on July 30th, 2023, in Philadelphia. Congratulations to all the kids for showcasing their best efforts and talents during the competition!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Venkatesh sir, UPF, India, for providing invaluable online guidance to all the kids. Additionally, we express our thanks to Jean from USA Yoga for her online support and mentorship.

We sincerely appreciate the continuous support and encouragement from all the parents, inspiring your children to take part in competitions and enroll in extra classes alongside their regular sessions. It is because of your dedication and efforts that the kids were able to excel and make it  Philadelphia.


Boys 9-11:

Subramanean Babu Meiyappan (UPFNA, Texas) – 2nd place

Boys 12-14:

Satvik Rachagani (UPFNA, Nebraska) – 1st place

Girls 9-11:

Anvita Sureshkumar (UPFNA, Texas) – 1st place

Girls 12-14:

Advithi Hoskot Ramars (UPFNA, Nebraska) – 2nd place

Girls 15-17:

Sanjana Jayanti (UPFNA, Nebraska) – 3rd place