Our Kids' Yoga classes provide a holistic approach, focusing on your child's health and emotional strengths. For over 25 years, we've been the sole provider of kids' yoga classes for the Midwest, West Coast, and South, ensuring your child's comprehensive development.

Children develop strength, focus, and flexibility along with kindness, compassion, self-regulation, and inner peace. We aim to instill values that guide them not only in yoga but also in becoming better individuals amidst life's challenges.

Our efforts to bring yoga awareness to young minds have led our students to participate in USA Yoga competitions and earn national and international medals. We are proud to say that most of the children who have attended our yoga classes graduated with high scores and excelled in their chosen fields.

Curriculum & Class Levels

Our holistic curriculum includes yoga poses, breathing techniques, relaxation methods, concentration exercises, and meditation. Students explore the eight limbs of yoga, mudras, healthy eating habits, yogic lifestyle practices, and natural remedies for common ailments. Each child receives a practice sheet and video/audio recordings, supplemented by free 20-minute online practice sessions twice weekly. 

Level 1: Young participants will explore yoga through engaging classes that enhance physical strength and focus.

Level  2: Children will learn partner and group poses, challenging poses,  concentration exercises, breathing techniques, and practical yoga applications.

Level 3: Our teenage students learn yoga postures that enhance inner and outer strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. They'll also explore advanced techniques, yoga philosophy, mudras, and character-building.

Level 4:  Certification for Yoga Instructor 

Advanced Yoga Classes:  Students explore challenging advanced yoga poses based on the UPFNA syllabus. 

Competition Yoga: If your child is interested in competing, we can refer you to specialized coaches for an additional fee. Alternatively, students can practice competition postures on their own. Our Advanced Yoga classes do not cover all USA Yoga competitive-level asanas, but we practice some to help students prepare. Click here to see our past USA Yoga participants.

* Learning advances when children are interested and engaged.

Venue & Donation Payment Option

Venue Community Center Mini Hall (Opposite to the Hindu Temple), Omaha
Duration Aug 5th 2024 - May 26th, 2025
Donation Amount Per Session: ~$12-13 (includes a one-time setup/registration fee of $25-$40
Payment Option 1 Full Year – $450 to $500 for the entire course/year; Enroll by August 20th and receive $25 off.
Payment Option 2 Monthly - $42.50 to $47.50 per month (up to 10 months). This option is available only for those starting in August or September. Automatic payments must be set up via the link provided in the order confirmation.
Sibling Discounts (Save up to $60 on the second child's registration) SIBLINGDISCOUNT2024FULL or SIBLINGDISCOUNT2024RECURRING
Discount for class cancellation CREDIT60FOR2024 (From April 15th to May 23rd for children enrolled in the 2023-24 academic year)


**Get rewarded for registering new students.




  • Register each child separately using different email addresses and usernames.
  • Your registration login can be reused for other UPFNA services.
  • 50% of your donation is tax-deductible.
  • Submit your donation receipt for employer-matching gifts using the Employer Matching Gift search tool. If you have questions, contact accounts@upfna.org.


Classes Schedule

  • Level 1 (Grade 1-3)
    • Monday 4.15 pm to 5.15 pm Sasirekha
    • Thursday  4.15 pm to 5.15 pm Kaitlin
    • Monday 5:20 pm  & Wednesday 4.15 pm - Taught by volunteer instructors. Best class for new students.
  • Level 2 (Grade 4-6)
    • Monday 5:20 pm to 6:20 pm Sasirekha
    • Wednesday  4.15 pm to 5.15 pm Sasirekha
    • Thursday, 5:20 pm to 6:20 pm Kaitlin
  • Level 3 (Grade 7 & up)
    • Monday 6:25 pm to 7:25 pm Sasirekha
  • Advanced (Grade 4-8)
    • Wednesday 5:20 pm to 6:20 pm Sasirekha

*UPFNA reserves the right to replace or change the instructor at anytime.


Dress Code: Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably white UPFNA uniforms. Avoid shorts, sleeveless shirts, capris, jeans, tights, and clothing with zippers or large buttons.

For Girls: Neatly comb and tie back your hair. Avoid using large hairpins, clips, and bangles.

Food: Students should avoid heavy meals before class. Light snacks like milk or a small snack are acceptable if needed. Wait at least two hours after a regular meal before class.

What to Bring: Please bring your yoga mat, UPFNA homework book, and water bottle for class.

Health and Safety: If your child shows symptoms like a cold, cough, fever, sneezing, or vomiting, please don't send them. They can join the class after they have fully recovered.

Important: Students are required to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early and be picked up within 5 to 10 minutes after class.

Parents Waiting Area: This is a kids-only class; adults can wait in the community center (Large Hall) or leave and return at the end of class. 

Uniforms and Yoga Mats: You can buy UPFNA logo shirts and pants at upfna.org/products. Yoga mats are also available for purchase at the classes in Omaha.


Class cancellation: If UPFNA cancels a class, the instructor will determine the makeup class.

Makeup class: UPFNA does not guarantee a makeup class unless you miss it due to illness or unavoidable circumstances.

Change assigned day/time: We cannot change the yoga class's assigned day/time during the middle of the session (Aug–May).

Class Enrollment Guidelines:  Each class has a maximum capacity of 12 students. If not enough students are enrolled in a particular class, we may need to transfer your child to another class with the same age group at a different time. If the new schedule is not feasible for you, we will issue a refund for your payment. We will strive to keep the original class schedule, but we may need to make changes as required.

Policy on Canceling Registration: Please give us four weeks' notice to withdraw from the class. A $25 processing fee applies, and we'll refund the remaining course payment. If no notice is given, we'll retain the $25 fee and refund the remaining classes from the notification date minus one month's payment.

For recurring payment: If we don't receive your cancellation request 30 days in advance, your card might still be charged for the next billing cycle. Please notify us as soon as possible to stop your recurring payment.

Online Classes: If in-person classes are canceled due to bad weather or teacher unavailability, they will be moved online.

If in-person classes are canceled due to bad weather or teacher unavailability, they will be moved online. The kid's yoga WhatsApp group will notify you at least a few hours before the class begins.

Change of Instructor: UPFNA reserves the right to replace or change the instructor at any time.

Questions? Contact us or call us at 402-218-2054

Holidays & Important Days

  • Monday, August 5th, 2024 - First day of kids yoga class
  • Friday, August 30, 2024 to  Monday, September 2, 2024  - Labor Day weekend
  • Wednesday, October 30, 2024 to Sunday, November 3, 2024 - Halloween/ Diwali
  • Wednesday, November 27, 2024  to Sunday, December 1, 2024 -Thanksgiving weekend
  • Thursday, December 19, 2024 to Sunday, January 6, 2025 - Christmas & New Year Break
  • Thursday, May 22, 2025 - Last day of kid's yoga class